About Us

SEHNER-International, SIA is a branch of the Sehner Group – we are a business consulting company located in Hamburg, Germany with a subsidiary based in Riga, Latvia. Our core business is to consult in the process of international Mergers & Acquisitions deals. We support our clients in the successful employment of an international buy & build strategy and have the resources to identify and contact companies that strategically fit the search structure.

Together with our Latvian cooperation partner we recruit companies for sale in Eastern Europe. In order to find potential buyers and / or sellers we use our sophisticated research tools optimized for M&A needs. We also guide companies through all stages of international business development as well as through various phases of growth and change in the market. In addition, we have a broad client base as well as a strong network of specialists in a wide range of areas.

Additionally, we advise companies on entering the German market and help them find a suitable strategy. Furthermore, we rely on a big network and regularly provide international companies with potential German cooperation partners.

Our Management Team

Norbert Sehner


Peter Voshage

Head of Marketing/ PR


Our core business is to consult in the process of international Merger & Acquisition deals.