There are multiple advantages for those who wish to open a subsidiary in the Baltics, being: low company tax rates (corporate tax rate at 15%) and an affordable workforce. Another economic incentive is the low rental cost which supports the development of new subsidiaries in the Baltics.
Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are all members of the EU and NATO. The stable political and economic environment enables rapid economic growth in the Baltics.

Furthermore, the infrastructure is well developed. The Baltics are known as the transport and logistic hub of North-Eastern Europe. Three international ice-free ports and several capital airports allow this convenient condition. With its central location the Baltics are a strategic gateway connecting Europe and CIS. Most Western Capitals are reachable in approx. 2 hours by plane.

Together with our partner JAS Consultants, we help our clients in the process of operating a successful business in the Baltic states.

Our services include:

  • Consulting

  • Market Research and target evaluation

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Presentation preparation

  • Mediation

  • Process management

  • Establishing contacts with local companies in different industries

  • Support in setting up new branches, establishing an office and finding the right employees

  • Sourcing competent English-speaking tax consultants and lawyers