Business development strategy for Germany

Undoubtedly, Germany has huge market potential. We help our international clients in starting a successful business in Germany and identify appropriate targets for an expansion strategy.

We have an extensive network in several industries and a wide range of useful contacts. Another advantage is our large database and research structure. Our market analysis is specifically designed for clients individually.

A successful process has been established consisting of:

  • Specific identification of potential targets (workshop day with client)
  • Agreement with client on keyword set
  • Data analysis with own crawler throughout entire German web*
  • Edited target list sent to specialized telephone marketing agency
  • Calling of potential targets, ideally twice a year by the agency
  • Handling of responses by our project managers

*Research in Germany: We are able to crawl the “deep data ocean”.

     In order to get to know German companies in detail, we have a unique approach. Crawling and full-text data saving of the German web enables complete and unbiased research. All requests can be processed through a keyword set in an excel chart. Homepages and companies are automatically identified.